Who is responsible for Rohingya refugees rescued at sea?

Rohingya refugees have been caught up in a diplomatic dispute about who should take them in.…

What’s happening with China’s Uighurs? | Start Here

Human rights groups say the Chinese are committing horrific crimes against Uighurs. Source link

How is life for Palestinians facing coronavirus? | TV Shows News

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How is extreme poverty being measured in China?

President Xi Jinping declares victory over destitution, but critics question poverty bar and project sustainability. Source link

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Western Europe’s biggest oil exporter targets deep-sea mining

Norway could license companies for seabed mining by 2023 to meet demand for batteries, wind turbines…

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Can PM Pashinyan survive the political crisis in Armenia?

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Rwanda paid for flight that led to Paul Rusesabagina arrest

Minister of justice admits the government paid for the flight that took ‘Hotel Rwanda’ dissident to…

Living with the Volcano

Life in the shadow of an active volcano might be risky but people living near Mount…